Letter from Bill Shorten

The Australian Dream

As a father, I am worried that the Australian Dream of home ownership is slipping out of the reach of too many middle class and working class families.

First-time buyers are being priced out by wealthy residential property investors who own several homes.

Mr Turnbull keeps talking about these 34% of residential investors.

I haven’t heard him talk once about 1st home buyers, and young people trying to get into the property market.

Mr Turnbull is a Prime Minister with 7 houses, including a $50 million pink mansion - who only wants to talk about investors negatively gearing their seventh house.

If Australians thought Mr Turnbull was going to a Prime Minister who was a breath of fresh air - this puts pay to that.

I do not want to let the Australian dream of owning your own home vanish for our kids.

Next time you are at an auction trying to get into your first home, make no mistake that this Prime Minister is there in spirit - busily doing the bidding of the property investors with 7 or 8 properties in their portfolio already.

“House Prices Will Go Down” Rebuttal

Mr Turnbull is shredding any last bit of respect and goodwill he had left in the community by saying “house prices will go down”.

A growing economy and increasing population underwrites our property market.

Australia is the best place in the world to live. Because or our lifestyle, our cities, our
Universities, our farms, our tourist towns. Everybody knows that. Of course house prices will not go down.

But don’t take my word on it. Every Independent expert says that house prices will not go down.

Independent modeling from respected institutions like the Australian National University says house prices will not go down.

The only people who say house prices will go down are people with vested interests and several properties - who will do anything, even talking down our economy - just to protect their self-interests. People like Malcolm Turnbull.

Positive Plan to Help Housing Affordability

This is election year, and unlike the Government - Labor have been announcing fully
funded positive policies that put people first.

In that spirit - Labor have already announced the first two planks in Labor’s “Positive Plan to Help Housing Affordability”.

And there will be more announcements that form part of this plan.

Because unlike Mr Turnbull, Labor is not afraid to tackle the big reforms the country needs - just to protect personal popularity.

Australians need a Prime Minister who wants to govern, not an out of touch Prime Minister with seven homes - and a desire to be liked.

If that is all Mr Turnbull offers the Australian people - make no mistake - the people will work him out.